Finding a 24 Hour Dentist in Sydney

Finding a 24 Hour Dentist in Sydney 2017-11-30T11:25:56+00:00

The process is very straight forward if you have any kind of dental emergency and need to see a 24 hour dentist Sydney. Simply call the number on this page, your call will be handled by a trained professional and you will be booked in to see a qualified and experienced 24 hour dentist right there.

Should I wait or call a 24 hour dentist now?

This is a tough decision to make, however if you are in pain, your health and wellbeing are the most important factor your need to consider. You will pay a small premium if you visit a 24 hour dental clinic on weekends or after hours, however this may not be too much more than you would pay visiting the dentist in normal office hours. Small issues like tooth aches and pains can wait unless the pain is severe. In these instances we advise taking some pain killers and waiting until the morning.

How long is the wait to see a Sydney After Hours Dentist?

After hours dentists in Sydney have measures in place to ensure you are not left waiting in your time of need. Your call to the land line number will be picked up by an after hours team member or the call will forward to the dentist. If they are in the clinic or at home waiting on call, they will be able to meet you at the dental clinic just as quickly as you can get there.

What procedures can an After Hours Dentist in Sydney handle 

Our Sydney after hours dentists  can handle any type of dental procedures. Most commonly they are treating patients with broken or chipped teeth, sporting and accident related dental issues such as broken teeth and people suffering from severe pain or wisdom teeth related pain. Fillings, crowns and root canals are typical procedures that an after hours dentist can handle, while some will offer emergency denture repair services. All cosmetic procedures are handled in a regular day time appointment slot.