24 Hour Emergency Dentist Sydney Services

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If you have an emergency dental situation in Sydney, here is what you need to do to assess your needs:

1. If you have any of the following issues you should seek emergency dental help in Sydney:

  • Broken, cracked or chipped teeth
  • You have lost or had knocked out a tooth
  • Pain and aches from an abscessed tooth or infected tooth

2. If you have suffered any of the following injuries your should seek immediate medical attention.

  • A fractured jaw
  • A dislocated jaw
  • Facial cuts or lacerations including to the soft tissues in the face and mouth

What to do if you need a 24 hour emergency dentist Sydney

Follow the above guidelines to determine if you need to see a doctor or a dentist. If you have lost a tooth or you have part of the tooth that was lost in an accident you can still save it. Be sure to store it in a container with saliva or salt water and don’t wrap it, clean it or handle the root or base of the tooth. Ideally you should gently place it back into the socket so that the tooth has the best chance of surviving the damage caused. If you can do this then store it as advised above. Take pain killers to ease the pain every 2-3 hours and book yourself in to see a 24 hour dentist in Sydney as soon as possible.

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A urgent dental situation is different to a medical emergency. In Sydney you can visit the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital for serious injuries, they will then refer you on for dental treatment once you’ve been correctly consulted.