Finding Emergency Denture Repair Specialists in Sydney

Finding Emergency Denture Repair Specialists in Sydney 2017-11-30T11:26:07+00:00

If you are seeking emergency denture repairs, we can help. In many instances this is an emergency dental situation that cannot wait. Dentures are important tooth replacements that can be taken out and replaced in your mouth. Today technology has enabled the look and feel of dentures to be as natural as possible.

There are two major types of dentures:

Full and Partial Dentures 

By consulting with your dentist you will be able to make the choice that’s right for you. The determining factor is whether you are replacing some (partial) or all of your teeth (full) and then there’s the cost.

full-dentures-emergency-repair    partial-dentures-emergency-repair

An alternative to the above mentioned options is immediate dentures. The benefit of this option is that you can get a new set of teeth the moment you have your teeth removed – meaning there is no embarrassing period where you will be without. That is the positive side of this option, the downside is that they take some adjusting and possible return visits to get them correctly fitted. Following extractions your gums and jaw will need time to heal – following this healing period it is advisable to consider getting a permanent replacement set.

What to Do With a Denture Emergency

If you have an urgent denture situation there are a couple of scenarios where you can solve the issue yourself. If the tooth falls out or a pink acrylic piece comes loose, then you can work a ‘quick fix’. These are only short term ‘fixes’ and you should always visit your dentist for a permanent solution.

If a tooth fell out you can perform a DIY fix if you’re comfortable.

  • Option 1 Use Superglue. This is a short term option, but if you need to be somewhere important then this can work. Just make sure the material is dry before applying the glue. Wipe off any residual glue and allow to dry before placing in the mouth.
  • Option 2 A Denture Repair Kit. You can buy these at pharmacies and some major department stores.

Cracked or Broken Dentures

Do not attempt to fix these yourself. This is a going to make matters much worse. Book yourself into your nearest dental clinic that can handle an emergency denture repair in Sydney.