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Our dental clinic has a full suite of facilities available to treat your problem on the first visit. This means we can help to relieve the pain and fix your problem immediately. Sometimes you can visit a dentist only to get an initial consultation or a referral to another location for an X-ray or other treatments. This can be very frustrating for a number of reasons as it leaves you in pain, you have to attend more than one appointment and it can also be more expensive.

How to Know if You Require a 24 Hour Dentist

  • Do you have a severe issue that needs immediate attention?
  • Are you in considerable pain?
  • Do you need an appointment now and your regular dentist is busy or closed?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then you should consult a 24 hour dentist today. They will be able to fix your dental issue immediately while putting your mind to rest.

An Important Reminder About the Costs

Most people are worried about the extra costs associated with seeing a dentist after hours, but your health and well being is the most important thing here and you might be surprised to learn that the costs aren’t as high as you expect. Most Australian health insurance plans have basic dental coverage which will help you cover a decent chunk of the costs. So call us now to book an appointment to get your dental issue fixed immediately.

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How it Works

The process is very straight forward, if you have any kind of dental emergency and need to see a 24 hour dentist in Sydney simply call the number on the screen where your call will be handled by our professional team. We will consult you and you will be booked in to see an experienced dentist that can fix your issue right away.

Perhaps you’re looking for an appointment right now / after hours or first thing in the morning – both are possible, so call us to discuss your options now.

Should You See Your Regular Dentist or a 24 Hour Dentist?

This is a tough decision to make, however if you are in pain, your health and well being are the most important factor your need to consider. You may pay a small premium to visit a 24 hour dental clinic on weekends or after hours, however this may not be too much more than you would pay visiting the dentist in normal office hours. Small issues like tooth aches and pains can wait unless the pain is severe. In these instances we advise taking some pain killers and waiting until the morning.

How Long is the Wait to See a Dentist?

Our Sydney after hours clinic has measures in place to ensure you are not left waiting in your time of need. Call our clinic number to book an appointment now. Your call will be picked up by an after hours team member or alternately the call will forward to an on-call dentist.

What Procedures can your Sydney After Hours Clinic Handle?

Our Sydney after hours dentists can handle a wide range of dental procedures on-premise. We commonly treat patients with broken or chipped teeth, sporting and accident related dental issues such as broken teeth and people suffering from severe pain or wisdom teeth related pain. Fillings, crowns, root canals and dental implants in Sydney are also procedures that our clinic can handle when patients require immediate treatment. Ultimately, your well being is the most important thing so contact us to discuss the best course of action and we can advise you over the phone.

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