We are a leading Sydney dentist with a track record of treating our patients in the fastest and safest manner to alleviate pain and suffering. Not all dental emergencies are the same, but the team at Urgent Dental are equipped to handle every delicate dental situation 24/7.

Our team of on-call dentists can see you any time of day and any day of the week. Our support staff will assess your situation over the phone, advise on immediate best treatment for pain relief and book you in for an urgent appointment at one of our Sydney offices.

With over 20 years of combined urgent Sydney dental treatment under their belts, our team of Dental professionals can help to treat what ever problem you encounter.

– cracked or chipped teeth
– wisdom teeth
– extractions
– fillings
– urgent denture repairs

When you are suffering from pain, you don’t want to delay on treatment. Many people wait for a regular hours appointment to save money, however after hours costs are only slightly higher so it’s a common misconception. Your health and well being are worth it, so don’t fall into this trap.

If you live in the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, West or Northern Sydney and beaches, we have a clinic or partner we can refer you to for immediate treatment. There are many dentists in Sydney that offer after hours services, however many don’t have the experience and expertise that Urgent Dental team do.

The most common problem can turn into something much worse if you don’t treat it quickly. This is where a lot of basic problems become worse – resulting in more costly and serious procedures. You use your teeth everyday, so why not treat them with a little more respect and love. Book yourself in for an appointment today if you’re in pain and need an expert dental opinion and treatment.