Dental Checkups Don’t Need to Be Stressful


The fear of going to dental clinics is real to some people. There are people who have an aversion to dental procedures such as drilling and filling. However, thanks to advances in dental technology, many of the procedures have become non-invasive, accurate, and quick. Regular dentistry and emergency dentistry are now offering treatments that are [...]

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Advances in Dental Technology


Dentistry today is more efficient, comfortable, durable, and natural-looking, thanks to advances that have been made in the industry. With newer techniques in dentistry, patients are now enjoying less invasive treatments and getting one-session procedures that otherwise would have required multiple visits to the dental office if done in the past. Dental Advances Influencing Modern [...]

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Do you have a dental emergency or regular dental problem?


Losing a tooth prompts a visit to a dentist. Immediately. Do you know that if the incident has not been properly handled by a professional right away, it may be too late for a tooth replantation? How to Know Whether You Need an Emergency Dentist or Not? Immediate replantation increases the likelihood of the success of [...]

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Is the Dentist’s Drill a Thing of the Past?


For a lot of people one of the main fears they associate with a trip to the dentist is the dentists drill. The unique shrill of the high-pitch drill can send shivers down the spine of most people sitting in a waiting room. Couple this with the fear of injection and there is enough to [...]

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Silver vs. White Fillings – What is Standard Practice Today?


If you're older than 30, chances are when you first got fillings they were the 'silver' variety and these days you are finding that 'white' or tooth coloured fillings seem to be the norm. So are silver fillings gone for good? The 'silver' fillings are in fact not silver, but a silver-tin alloy with a [...]

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Your Fear of the Dentist is no Longer Relevant


When we think about going to the dentist there are two things that often spring to mind...the pain and the cost. But are these dental perceptions still relevant and do we need to change they way we think about the dentist? The Pain The widely held belief that going to the dentist is a dreaded [...]

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Saving a Knocked Out Tooth


One of the most common reasons people will need to see an emergency dentist is for broken, knocked out or chipped teeth. Whether it's due to an accident in the home or on the sporting field, clearly it's bad luck but it's not the end of the world, your tooth can be saved and your [...]

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New Advice to Parents on Brushing New Borns Teeth


The American Dental Association (ADA) has amended their advice to parents on when to start using fluoride toothpaste with their kids. Previously the ADA recommended holding off until the age of 2 before starting with fluoride toothpaste, but their new advice states that brushing baby teeth as soon as the arrive is advisable. Smearing a small amount of fluoride toothpaste onto a brush to for your babies [...]

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Do you Need a Dental Crown?


You bite down onto something hard, it hurts, and you get the dreaded feeling that something is wrong. So what should you do? You know you need to get your tooth fixed before the problem gets worse, but you are also worried about having to spend a fortune, a problem if you don't have dental [...]

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Dental Myths Busted


Whitening Products are bad for your Teeth It's an understandable fear, however it is unjustified. When you follow the directions, bleaching products are generally fine and safe to use. The product affects the colouring of the tooth, not the roots or the strength of the tooth. Bleeding Gums Stop Brushing When your gums are bleeding it's [...]

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