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Are you dreaming of a perfect smile? Do you want to improve your smile and boost confidence? Whether you have a missing tooth or have some other dental issues, dental implants Sydney can help! The advancement in dental technology has made it easier to fix those issues and achieve the perfect smile you’ve dreamed of.

Why Choose Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery is a procedure that is done to replace the missing tooth with metal, screw-like posts, and artificial teeth (in the missing location of the tooth). The artificial tooth is designed to look like real teeth so it isn’t obvious that you had dental implants. This is a welcome alternative to dentures, which can get loose over time or does not look like your natural teeth. It is also a great option for anyone who does not have enough natural tooth roots for the denture to be attached to the location of the missing tooth.


A dental implant surgery might require several procedures done. It will vary depending on the type of implant and the condition of your jawbone.

dental implant in jaw

The following are reasons why you need to consider getting a dental implant in Sydney:

  • It is the next best thing to natural teeth. Dental implants are designed to look like natural teeth. Other tooth replacement options can interfere with your lifestyle such as eating habits, the way you speak, or your ability to perform regular activities in your daily life.
  • It is a long-term solution. Unlike dentures or veneers that offer a temporary solution for your missing tooth, dental implants can last up to 10 years (if performed by highly qualified dental surgeons). With a traditional dental bridge, it must be replaced quite often. Dental implants can last longer with proper dental care.
  • It enables you to maintain your smile. You no longer have to worry about your missing tooth or an imperfect smile. Dental implants are also beneficial in maintaining the shape of your face. When you lose a tooth, it can cause your jaw bones to deteriorate and alter the natural contour of your face. When you replace it with a dental implant, you can retain your natural jaw bone structure and the shape of your face.
  • It can protect your other healthy teeth. Unlike other tooth replacement procedures that require the use of materials that can grind away at your other teeth, you won’t have to worry about that with dental implants. Your healthy teeth are kept intact. Your teeth won’t shift around and your bite won’t change either.
  • It will enable you to enjoy the foods you want. Since your bite is natural, you won’t have to deal with uncomfortable dentures or uneven bite. You can enjoy your food the way it should be!

dental implant

Who’s a Candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the new go-to treatment for anyone with missing teeth or require tooth replacement. But how do you ensure that this procedure is right for you? In general, your dentist will recommend you undergo dental implant surgery if you meet the following categories: 

  • If you have missing tooth (or teeth)
  • If you are unable to wear dentures
  • If you have good general and oral health
  • If you have adequate bone in your jaw to support the implant
  • If you have healthy gum tissues
  • If you are free of periodontal disease
  • If you are considered healthy enough for dental extraction or other forms of dental surgery

abutment of dental implant

What to Expect

If dental implants are new to you, it’s common that you would have a lot of questions in mind about the procedure, particularly on what to expect before and after the procedure.

First and foremost, dental implant surgery is an outpatient surgery. It is performed in numerous stages to allow healing time in between each procedure. To give you an idea, the following are the different steps involved in a dental implant procedure:

  •         Step 1: The damage tooth is removed or extracted.
  •         Step 2: The grafting is done (if needed).
  •         Step 3: The dental implant is placed on the area of the missing tooth.
  •         Step 4: The bone growth is allowed to heal.
  •         Step 5: The connector is placed.
  •         Step 6: The artificial teeth are placed.

The entire dental implant procedure can take several months to complete. Most of the time is devoted to healing and waiting for bone growth before the next step is done. There are also different factors that can cause the procedure to take shorter or longer amount of time, such as the severity of your dental problems.

dental implant structure

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How Much Do Dental Implants in Sydney Cost?

The advancement in modern dental technology has enabled dental implants surgery to be more accessible to the people of Sydney. But what is the cost of dental implants in Sydney? A number of factors can impact the cost of dental implants in Sydney. The type of implant and the extent of the procedure (based on the number of teeth that must be replaced) are two of the most common factors that can influence cost. The number of implants required to support the newly implanted teeth and your insurance coverage can be a factor, too.

The pricing of dental implants can also be impacted by the expertise level of your dentist. Dental implant is a procedure that should only be performed by certified and experienced dentists. When choosing your dentist, it is important to know the average cost for this procedure in Sydney so you can use that as a ballpark figure when doing your comparison. You need to be extra cautious about dentists that charge for very low for this kind of procedure. This is a risky procedure that should be performed only by a specialist with extensive training and with the right set of dental equipment.

The average cost of dental implant can start at $2,850 and can be as high as $30,000. Again, it varies according to the extent of the problem and the number of teeth that should be implanted.

The Different Types of Dental Implants

Dental implants are commonly made from pure titanium. The reason why is because they are small and can fit right into the bones so it acts like a tooth root should be. But there are different types of dental implants available and your dentist can help you choose the right one for you. It pays to know what these types are so you can also decide what to choose and why you need to choose them:

Endosteal Implants 

This is the most common type of dental implants that are recommended by dentists. It is a good choice for most patients, particularly those with healthy jaw bones and good oral health. This implant serves as placeholder posts and is shaped like screws. It makes it easier to fit the artificial teeth into the location of the missing tooth.

Subperiosteal Implants

This is the second most common type of implants used by dentists, and often as an alternative to endosteal implants. Unlike endosteal implants that are fixed into the jawbone, this one rests on top of the bone. It requires a metal frame to be placed under the gum with a post attachment. Once the gum has healed, the false teeth are secured into the posts. The use of this type of implant is only recommended when there is not enough jawbone for the implant to be placed.

Zygomatic Implants

This is the least common type of dental implants that are in use. This one is also the most complicated to use and is only recommended for patients that do not have enough jawbone for the endosteal implant. Instead of being placed to your jawbone, this one is placed on the cheekbone.

What is a Mini Dental Implant?

 This is a specialized type of dental implant that is currently used by dentists for this procedure. The mini dental implant is about the size of a toothpick. They are extremely narrow and are commonly used to stabilize a denture. The typical size of a mini dental implant is 1.8mm to 3mm. While they may be tiny in size, they can be suitable for long-term use.

The mini dental implant is significantly cheaper than regular dental implants. However, this can also be attributed to the lower success rate and the long-term costs associated with having to replace them.

One more advantage of a mini dental implant is the faster healing time. They do not require surgery and the artificial tooth can be placed within hours. From months, the healing time can significantly lower to weeks or days. There is also less discomfort following the mini dental implant procedure so there would be less need for over-the-counter pain medication.

What are the main differences between mini dental implants and dental implants?

With an understanding of mini dental implants, you might find yourself asking this question: which is better – mini or traditional dental implants?

Both of these types of implants function the same way. The procedure for the implant is basically the same. Both are made of titanium and must be inserted into the jaw bone wherein it can fuse with the bone itself. With this functioning as a tooth root, it keeps the artificial tooth secure.

The primary difference between the two types of implants is their size. Mini dental implants are a smaller version of regular dental implants. A regular dental implant is about 4-5 mm in diameter. On the other hand, a mini dental implant is only 2.5 mm in diameter. 

In the event of bone atrophy, traditional dental implants might no longer work to stop the bone loss. For this reason, mini dental implants offer a better choice. It can also be inserted into narrow spaces to ensure that you can fill in gaps more effectively.

If you are unsure which of these two to choose, you may consult with your dentist. They will be the one to evaluate your dental issues and can recommend the best type of implant to use accordingly. A qualified and certified dentist would be more than willing to answer your questions so you can be confident about the procedure before you undergo it. 

Results of Dental Implants

before and after dental implants

Dental implants have a high success rate. But there are certain factors that can lower the success rate of this dental procedure. The most common reason why this procedure fails is when the bone fails to fuse sufficiently with the implant. Smoking is one of the reasons why this could happen. Hence, anyone who is a smoker is not a good candidate for dental implants.

If the bone is unable to fuse sufficiently, the implant will be removed and cleaned up before the procedure is performed again (after three months). While the technology ensures the success of this procedure, there are risks that it could fail. Most of it lies on your inability to follow the recommended care following your dental implant.

If you want the dental implant results to improve, you should practice excellent oral hygiene. Just as you would care for your natural teeth, you need to keep your dental implants and artificial teeth clean. You might need to invest on specially designed brushes that can access the nooks and crannies of your teeth. Make sure that you clean not just your teeth, but also the gums and metal posts.

before and after implants

Even when you have completed your dental implant procedure, you need to visit your dentist regularly. Regular dental checkups are a must to ensure that your implants are functioning as they should. And finally, avoid habits that can damage your teeth and implants. Avoid chewing on hard items like candy or ice. Even when implants do not interfere with your food choices, it is best to play on the safe side and avoid them whenever you can. 

Why Choosing the Right Dentist is Important for Implants?

Living with a missing tooth or dentures is never easy. It can alter your way of life and is a daily struggle that involves a lot of adjustments. Fortunately, dental implants are available to address this problem and make your teeth look as natural as possible. In fact, dental implant specialists believe that it is more effective than dentures.

But the key to enjoying the benefits of dental implants lies in the expertise and quality of dentist that you choose. Make your investment in money and time worthwhile so you can restore your beautiful smile. Any dentist can perform this procedure but only the experts are able to give you the results you seek.

The process of dental implant requires specific and advanced training and/or skills. This is more complex than traditional dental treatments. There are numerous factors that should be in place before the procedure is done. For example, the viability of your jaw bone should be sufficient to support the implants, and the most precise location should be identified for the placement of the implant posts. If there is one factor within the surgical level that is incorrect, then the rest of the procedure will fail. It can even cause permanent damage to your teeth and mouth. Even if your dentist has managed to correctly place the posts, the result will still be sub-standard.

So, how do you ensure that you have chosen the right dentist to perform the dental implant?

Check to make sure that the dentist has the right training, education, and experience on dental implants. This is the most important step to determine if your dentist is qualified to perform dental implants surgery. Any reputable and certified dentist who can perform dental implant should have the education and training for the job. Avoid dentists who claim to have undergone a short course on this dental procedure. This is a far too extensive procedure to be learned via a short course only.

Make sure that the dentist is board-certified. This is another tell-tale factor that you need to consider when choosing a dentist. A board-certified dentist is someone who has undergone a considerable amount of training and experience that is above and beyond the conventional dentists is capable of performing. Dentists have to undergo strict testing and have completed the necessary procedures at the highest level to become board certified.

Choose a dentist based on specialty. Dentists need to complete extensive training and further education before they can specialize in a specific area of dentistry. In some cases, they are required to complete a residency in a dental office. This is how you can be confident that your chosen dentist is an expert in dental implants.

Evaluate the dentist’s implant results in the past. A good and qualified dentist who specializes in dental implants will be more than willing to showcase the before-and-after results of their previous clients. When you are considering which dentist to hire, make sure you ask for their portfolio of work. The more positive reviews a dentist has, the better choice they are for you because that is how you can guarantee quality results.

Keep these tips in mind when choosing the best professional to perform dental implants in Sydney. Make sure that they are well-trained, well-educated, and highly experienced. These three factors can give you confidence that you made the right choice.

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