You may think that putting off a visit to a dentist can only lead to tooth loss. However, dental neglect can actually lead to situations that can be considered as scary. And, in some cases, dental neglect can kill you.

Scary Story 1

A patient who underwent a root canal treatment gave a dentist a lesson on botany. When the dentist started cleaning out the root, the dentist expected to find only tartar and plaque, but he was surprised to see a seed lodged in the gums. There is even a tiny plant that is growing out of it.

Scary Story 2

Dental neglect can really make you lose your tooth because of the buildup of plaque and tartar. One dentist has seen a severe accumulation of plaque and tartar which caused the buildup to form a bridge between the teeth. Once the buildup was removed, teeth just fell out because there was nothing to keep them in place.

Scary Story 3

In this story, you can actually say that your overall health is linked to your oral health. When a patient underwent a procedure, a dentist saw an ant in the patient’s mouth. It was not a real problem because the dentist could ask the patient to spit it out or rinse the mouth. But the dentist soon realized that the ant had come from the patient’s beard that was infested with bugs.

Scary Story 4

The stories above can be categorized as slightly humorous, although some of them are a cause for concern. However, in extreme cases, dental neglect can lead to death. If you search the internet and ask doctors, you would probably find out about cases where people die because of failing to get proper dental care. One example is Deamonte Driver, a twelve-year old boy who died after bacteria from an abscessed tooth infected his brain. It was reported that Deamonte was complaining about his toothache. Eventually, Deamonte had become very ill and was taken to a hospital to be treated for headache. As Deamonte became sicker, he had to undergo two brain surgeries. But the surgeries did not save his life. Deamonte died a month after his surgery.


Dental treatments are not cheap and their cost continues to rise, but it is not a reason for you to stop going to the dentist, especially after knowing that a toothache can cause diseases that kill you.