Getting proper dental care should not be taken for granted. Aside from tooth loss, dental neglect can lead to health problems, including some pretty serious scenarios that can be easily avoided. One way to make sure you get proper dental care is to buy an insurance plan – there are options for all budgets, so let’s take a look at the pros and cons here.

Your Dental Insurance Options

Normally, you can get dental coverage in two ways. There are companies that offer dental coverage as a stand-alone plan. Or, you can include a dental insurance plan in your health insurance plan. The inclusion is an add-on that you can avail before your health plan is activated or before its renewal.

If you have a dental insurance plan you usually get ‘100-80-50’ coverage. It means that the plan covers the total cost of diagnostic and routine preventive care, including cleanings and checkups, pays 80 percent for root canals, fillings, and other basic procedures, and pays 50 percent for bridges, crowns, and major procedures.

Another Insurance Plan Options

There are people who are shifting to a non-traditional option for dental insurance. The option is called discount dental plan. With this plan, you pay an annual fee to avail dental treatments and other services at a discount or at a set rate. One example of a discount dental plan is one that covers two cleanings and X-rays, two exams, and a teeth-whitening treatment. Additional procedures, including root canals and fillings, can be obtained at a discounted price.

Should You Bet On Dental Insurance?

Dental treatments are not cheap and paying out of your own pocket for these treatments can make you run low on cash. You may think that getting a dental insurance plan is the solution but you also need to consider the fact that dental coverage, whether it’s part of your health insurance or not, is also costly. Should you get dental coverage? At we strongly recommend that you take out some form of dental insurance. Aside from the saving you money on minor and major treatments, these plans provide you with peace of mind that money cannot put a price on.