If you don’t go to your local dental clinic when you need a tooth filling, you risk losing your tooth or undergoing an expensive root canal treatment. Putting off a visit to a dentist has its consequences, and in extreme cases, it can lead to death. You may think that a toothache will not kill you, but the case of the twelve-year old Deamonte Driver will make you think twice. The child has no dental coverage, and extreme neglect turned a toothache to a deadly disease that took his life.

Low to upper class income families can suffer from extreme cases of dental problems without good dental care. Dental neglect can lead to many diseases, including premature birth, endocarditis or infection of the heart’s inner lining, and cardiovascular disease, which is characterized by having clogged arteries that is linked to oral bacteria,

The Real Cost of Dental Neglect

Skipping regular visits to the dentist gives you long-term problems that are expensive. Deamonte, for example, had to undergo two operations and stayed in the hospital for six weeks, which cost his family $250,000. Even in non-extreme cases, dental neglect is expensive. As mentioned, a tooth that has rotted will need a root canal treatment that costs so much more than a tooth filling. Dental implants cost thousands of dollars.

What You Can Do

Regular dental visits help you monitor the condition of your teeth. A dentist can repair a tooth that is broken and make sure that you don’t lose a tooth due to abscess. A dentist can also perform teeth cleaning to remove dental plaque and prevent cavities.

There are dentists that offer holistic treatments to provide dental care that is said to improve your overall health. Holistic treatments can include sedation dentistry, which puts patient at ease before the dentist starts drilling. This is especially helpful to patients who are afraid of undergoing dental treatments. Sedation dentistry is used alongside other innovative procedures to make your visit to the dentist as comfortable as possible.
Cost of dental treatments is a reason people are putting off a visit to a dentist. While the cost of dental treatments continues to rise, you still need to invest in taking care of your teeth. One way to mitigate the cost of dental treatments is to get a dental coverage, which can be part of your medical insurance.