The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) is the regulatory body for dentistry in Australia. The board provides guidelines, policies, registration standards and codes which focus on the quality of dental care services. However, the standards do not cover pricing. In fact, dental treatments in Australia do not have a standardised fee structure. This is a problem for patients, as they can get different treatment fees from different dentists.

Why do Dentist Prices Vary?

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA) the location of the dental clinic, clinical content differences and overheads affect the price of the dental treatments. It means that one dentist may charge a higher fee than the other dentist because of the difference in the technique they use when providing the same dental treatment.

Your Dental Plans Can Be Easily Abused

Unethical dentists will take advantage of your dental plan and make sure to exhaust your annual dental insurance quickly. This can be done by providing treatments that you don’t need. Some dentists recommend veneers when you don’t actually have a need for them. There are dentists who would tell you that you need a certain number of fillings but would refuse to specify the teeth without viewing your dental plan first. This allows them to view your dental insurance allowance and try to drain it with unnecessary treatments. Suggesting teeth whitening and other aesthetic procedures when they’re not required are signs you need to watch out.

Surprise Costs

There are also instances when dentists would make you undergo certain procedures or tests that are not necessary for the planned treatment. For example, a dentist may tell you that you need an X-ray even when you don’t need it. Another example is when you go in for planned fillings and be charged extra for a “check-up.”  Normally, a dentist should only charge for a check-up if you don’t have any scheduled procedure.

Urgent Dental’s Pricing Guide

Note: Urgent Dental’s price range for services is set at standard market rates for after-hours and standard hours of service. You can find more information about Urgent Dental’s pricing and practice policies.