A chipped tooth is a good reason to go to an emergency dentist, especially when you want the chipped tooth restored. There are many possible way to chip your tooth. Contact sports usually cause accidents that break a tooth. You can also chip a tooth when you accidentally bite on a hard food or object, such as a bone or a candy. A weak tooth because of cavities can eventually break.

It is important to visit a local emergency dentist immediately in case you chip your tooth for a better chance of the tooth surviving trauma and be put back in place, especially if a dentist work on it 15 minutes to one hour after the tooth has been chipped.

What to Do Before Going To a Dentist

The first thing to do when you chip your tooth is to use warm water to wash your mouth. There could be bleeding in the area of the mouth where part of the tooth has been chipped off. To stop or reduce the bleeding, apply pressure to the area using a piece of gauze. If you plan to visit a dentist immediately after the accident, you need to put the bit of tooth in a container filled with milk to help it survive trauma. However, if you choose to see a dental professional at a later time, you should encase the chipped tooth with dental cement that you can buy from a drugstore.

How a Dentist Will Help You

Dental treatment is dependent on the severity of the dental problem and size of the chipped tooth. If only a small bit of tooth has broken off, a dentist or a dental professional may only need to smoothen and polish the bit of tooth to be able to put it back. The treatment becomes more complicated and expensive as the size of the chipped tooth becomes larger. For a medium-sized tooth, a dentist will have to check for enamel damage. If there is minor damage, it will call for placement of crown, cap, or filling on the chipped tooth to make sure its former appearance is restored. The procedure is also done to make the tooth functional again and to avoid infection and irritation in the teeth’s inner layers.

If the chipped tooth is big enough to leave the nerve of the tooth exposed, you will need a root canal treatment in addition to getting a dental crown, cap, or filling as a replacement for the chipped tooth.