It is not uncommon to have a dental emergency. When this happens, you must know what to do to relieve the pain until you can see your dentist. Use these tips as a guide to ease your dental emergency.

See a 24 Hour Emergency Dentist

If you are suffering from extreme dental conditions that need immediate help, you can find a 24-hour emergency dentist in your area. This is a specialised field of dental practice that is designed specifically for people who experience dental emergencies. It can be bothersome to wait until your dentist clinic is open before you can receive dental care. This is why the emergence of 24-hour dentists is a lifesaver for many people.

Since this type of clinic operates on a 24/7 basis, you can guarantee that a dentist is available at any time you need them. There is no need to book your appointment days ahead. You can typically get same-day appointments and ensure that much needed dental care is given to you. You can also expect the same world-class facilities and certified dentists to handle your case. Whatever your dental emergency might be, a 24-hour dentist is fully equipped to handle it. There is no need to live through the pain. You can get the relief and fix you need immediately.

Go to the Hospital

Another option when you have a dental emergency is to go to hospital emergency rooms. There is an increasing number of people who are seeking treatment for oral care in emergency rooms. The American Dental Association has cited that this trend is growing in the past few years, especially for people between the ages of 19 to 49.

Visit the hospital if you have hurt yourself, broken a jaw, have severe bleeding, knocked your head causing concussion symptoms or if you’re in doubt at all – go to the hospital. You can call a dentist and they will recommend you to go to the hospital depending on the severity or nature of your problem if you’re unsure. 

Wait for your General Dentist

Visiting your general dentist is still the best option if you’re not in severe pain and can wait until there’s an appointment spot free. Your dentist will have a record of your dental history so they can properly assess how to treat your dental problem. If you cannot wait, visiting an emergency dentist is a great option for two reasons: 

  1. You can get instant pain relief and same-day treatment
  2. The costs will often be the same as a regular dental visits and can be claimed back on health insurance too

There are some dental practices that provide treatment beyond normal office hours (in emergency cases), although many will advertise for 24 hour service but not actually answer the phone. Emergency dental care is always a pain to deal with, but knowing the options available to you, this will give you an idea on where you can go for your emergency dental care needs.

Prevention is still the best form of protection, but when you have no choice in the matter you won’t spend more or less going to an after-hours dentist – remember this when making your choice.